A Very Special Announcement!

Dear readers,
We are pleased to officially announce that Seven Academy and Edoki have teamed up to ensure the continued production of amazing apps for kids. Both companies share similar values and are committed to providing amusing game scenarios that engage children in learning activities. Our combined expertise and dedication to your kids makes us an ideal [...]


It’s All in a Name

Names are special because they connect people to their families, histories, communities, and of course, themselves. Most children have a deep sense of ownership and pride in their names, and learning to read and write them is a marvelous accomplishment. Because of its strong personal significance, educators have been fascinated with the question of whether [...]

Understanding Montessori – The 3-period lesson

Understanding Montessori :
3-period lesson

Our first blogpost on Understanding Montessori is about 3-period lessons.  More posts on the Montessori pedagogy and on Montessori materials will follow in our effort to provide parents with learning tools.
What are 3 period lessons?Three period lessons are used in Montessori schools to introduce the language linked to concepts like numbers, place value, letter sounds…. They are also [...]

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