A Journey to Mindfulness

Barbara Kurtzman, a teacher at The Study for over 25 years, is changing the lives of thousands with her Mindfulness Journey. Drawing inspiration from her students and personal life, she expands on the power of mindfulness and what it means to be present in the moment.
“When is the last time you took a breath?” Barbara Kurtzman [...]


Crazy Organized in Kindergarten!

Maria Manore is a kindergarten teacher from Detroit, Michigan. She is a self- described polka-dot enthusiast  and lover of all things tidy, brightly covered, and organized. Her blog, Kinder Craze  which offers tips and lesson plan ideas for teachers has been incredibly successful. She also runs a Teacher Pay Teachers store where she sells her [...]


The Computer is an Instrument Whose Music is Ideas

Swiss developmental psychologist and philosopher, Jean Piaget inspired “Busy Shapes”. Naturally we sought guidance from his pupil, Seymour Papert, as we created its follow up, “Crazy Gears”. This South African scientist has dedicated his life to understanding and implementing the computer as a learning tool for children. Thankfully many of Papert’s former colleagues are Montrealers, [...]


A Balanced Approach to Teaching Reading

Anna is the founder of  The Measured Mom a website that features countless resources for parents and teachers related to reading, writing, and math!
She is a former teacher with a M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction turned stay at home mom who shares the joys learning with her five children on her blog. Anna is our [...]

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